Silverton Fleece - 4 oz.

We've got fleece!! So much of it, in fact, that I need to clear out the shelves before next year's shearing.

This listing is for four ounces of fleece from our own alpaca, Silverton, and you can buy multiple quantities of that. I can sell it to you in a different amount if you need it -- just send me a note and I'll put up a special listing for you.

This fleece has been washed, but has not been processed any further. Because my alpacas live outside, you WILL find some VM (vegetative matter) in the fleece. I will make every attempt to pull out any larger pieces that I see before shipping it to you. You will also find some dry dirt in the fleece, as washing can only get some of it out. (I recommend giving the fleece a good shake outside before using it.)

This picture is only a representative of part of the fleece -- your color combination will vary. Silverton is predominantly silver gray, with the occasional dark gray or black lock in his blanket (you may also find a bit of rust color here and there). The portion you are purchasing comes from his blanket, which is the prime part of the fleece.

All products come from a smoke-free home. We have cats but all fiber is stored and worked away from them to keep pet hair and dander out of these products.

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